Always, but especially in times like these, it takes the presence of friends to give us perspective. This is a time of real challenges for many of us, but the challenge that all of us face is fear. And fear is always easier to face with friends—even if those friends have to stay safely on the other side of a computer screen.

At Verily, we want to be that voice of a friend in this challenging time.

Our daily newsletter Keeping Calm During COVID-19 will filter the news for you, so that you can have the updates you need for your personal response and preparedness. We’ll also provide a little levity, through the best memes, tweets, or other responses we’re seeing. And, lastly, we’ll be diving into our archived content to share pieces that might be helpful to you as you navigate the rhythms of our new daily lives, from effective tips for remote work to ways to mitigate cabin fever. 

Join us as we take this one day at a time, together.
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